Saturday 10 May 2014

How to Seduce a Band Geek by Cassie Mae (How To #2)

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Humour, Romance
Publication Date: May 6th 2014
POV: Female - First-person, Present tense.
My Rating: 4 out of 5


Sierra Livingston’s got it bad for her sister’s best friend, Levi Mason—the boy who carries his drumsticks in his pocket, marches with the school’s band, and taps his feet to whatever beat runs through his head. Sierra racks her brain for ways to impress the sexy drummer, but the short skirts and bursting cleavage don’t seem to cut it.

When Sierra gets paired with Levi’s sister, Brea, for a mentorship program, they strike a deal. In exchange for Sierra keeping her mouth shut about Brea ditching the program, Brea lets Sierra dig for more info on Levi to help get the guy of her dreams.

But when Sierra discovers Levi no longer plays the drums, his family has moved into a trailer, and he’s traded in his Range Rover for a baby blue moped, Sierra’s not sure if she can go through with violating his privacy. She’ll have to find the courage to ask him straight out—if he’s willing to let her in—and explore other ways to seduce the school’s band geek

This book was adorable, as I knew it would be. I think this is now my second favourite Cassie Mae book. Since reading Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend I have kept reading all her books hoping they would be as good. They have all been great (except for maybe Switched which I wasn't a big fan of) but this one came the closest.

Levi was adorable, which I knew from How to Date a Nerd. But what I didn't know was that Sierra was so awesome. I love her weird style and how she made her own outfits. I would never wear any of it myself, but at least she was creative and unique. I liked that about her.

I loved how to story was so simple and straight forward. Sierra didn't need to hatch an elaborate plan to win Levi. They just clicked. Probably the only reason it didn't happen sooner was because Sierra was younger than him, and I know from experience that even if you are friends with someone for years, you just have to look at them from the right angle or in the right situation before seeing them as a love interest. I assume the same will go for Adam and Brea, since 2 more years will pass before the next book.

“Levi is made from the beautiful pool of people, but its his good-guy-ness that makes him the most gorgeous man alive.”

And Adam was totally awesome in this book. I am kinda sad that he goes from being Sierra's best friend to Brea's, but of course he will be something different for Brea. :P But I think Adam has the potential to be even more awesome than Levi. He was like the best friend in the world to Sierra. I think its funny that he was so short in this, but he was only 16 and guys are still growing at that age, so maybe he will have a growth spurt before How to Hook a Bookworm.

Sidney was a monster! Oh my gosh I cant believe what she did to Sierra! I was so happy when Sierra yelled at her. She deserved worse.

And again I loved the ending. I love the big public scenes. It reminds me a lot of teen movies. I think these would all make great movies, and I cant wait to read How to Hook a Bookworm! Why is the release date so far away!?

“My eyes travel up red slacks, a white marching band shirt with a red sash that says ORCHARD HIGH, and finally reach the top of Levi's head fashioning a red and white hat that straps under his chin. He gives me a half smile, and taps his leg with his piccolo.
He is without a doubt, the sexiest human being alive.”

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