Monday 15 July 2013

Losing It by Cora Carmack (Losing It #1)

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Humour, Romance
Publication Date: October 12th 2012
POV: Female - First-person, Past tense
Smut-O-Meter: 6 out of 10
My Rating: 5 out of 5


Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, Bliss Edwards decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible - a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier.

This book was so much fun and I could not put it down! It's been too long since I read a book I enjoyed this much. I don't know if my expectations are higher now because I have read so many books, or if I have just been having a bad year. This is only my 5th 5-star review this year, while last year I rated 21 5-star books. I am not even close to half way, as I should be at this point.

"Heaven help me, but I wanted my professor to be my boyfriend."

I am not usually a fan of contemporary romance. The unnecessary drama drives me crazy. I hate it when the only thing standing between a couple is themselves and their issues. I love that there was none of that in Losing It. Garrick and Bliss didn't waste too much time dancing around each other, and even though he was her teacher and they were not supposed to be together, it never really came into play. In any other book, they would have been caught and it would have been turned into a big scandal. I can't even say how happy I am that that did not happen!!

"He took my hand, and pulled me into his living room where a book was open on his sofa. It was poetry, of course, because he was perfect."

And I loved Garrick and Bliss. I love that Garrick was a nice, genuine guy who did not mess around. He was straight-forward and real. Bliss on the other hand was clumsy and awkward and prone to verbal vomiting. She was a lot of fun, whether I was laughing with her or at her. She was so relatable and far from perfect, but it's still believable that Garrick loved her because she was awesome and vulnerable and brave at the same time.

"Whoever said one-night stands were supposed to be simple with no strings attached had clearly never met the disaster that was me."

And the ending was ridiculously perfect and adorable and swoon-worthy. I can't say enough how much I loved the ending! I also enjoyed the supporting characters Cade and Kelsey, and I am glad that the series continues with their stories. I will be reading them soon.

"Then, slowly, like the sunrise peeking over the horizon, she smiled. She didn't scream. She didn't run. She didn't faint. There might have been a little crying. But mostly… she danced."

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